So, what's the big deal with Simple Creations?

Hello! Welcome to Simple Creations!


In all honesty, the challenges of writing an About Us has proven to be an elusive and daunting task. One of the primary reasons for this surrounds the simple truth that many times when you look at the About Us page, you are swamped with dull and uninteresting information. When we initially set up this website, Simple Creations thought it best perhaps utilize technology to create the video and attempt to leave it at that. Over time, we would come to recognize the need to inform others about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.


Accepting the inevitable fate, we’ve now decided to take a few moments and introduce ourselves and then our company. Simple Creations is a small business owned and operated by husband-and-wife. In many ways, this is the story of the nagging wife who would not allow her husband a moments peace.


Kristie Gentry experienced both an unusual childhood and start to her adult life. Plagued by numerous allergies, she always had to be on the lookout for products which did not contain certain allergens, avoided paraben products, and desired high-quality products which did not cost an arm, leg, blood sample, and/or the promise of your first born child. For those of you who have searched for good all-natural products, you can get the gist of what the problem was. Suffering from a daunting number of allergies totaling more than 70 allergies, she was extremely limited in regards to the number products which could be used.


John Gentry, a disabled veteran, would meet his wife and be introduced to a whole new world of information. This new information included the need to read the labels on all products and the challenge of finding products that were not unreasonably priced. In fact, there were many conversations when he would be flabbergasted by the cost of something as simple as a bottle of shampoo. Reading labels and searching for great prices, he would begin to realize the ship to all-natural products was beneficial for him as well.


The abysmal prices and challenges of uncovering high-quality products were proving to be a monumental task that required hours of time and in those days of searching in hopes of finding good quality natural products and many times, being left bereft and aggravated with such a limited success.


An 8-ounce bottle shampoo could cost anywhere between $16 and $46. A good quality paraben free 8-ounce bottle of lotion would range between $17 and $30. This does not include the prices for body wash, soap, hand sanitizer, and/or many other whole body care products. In the search for products to use in their home, the two realized that there is a high demand for all-natural products and very few companies which provided the products at a relatively reasonable price. For this reason, John and Kristie Gentry would begin making their products. In time, as friends and family began to request these products, Simple Creations would be born and enter into the world as a company dedicated to providing high-quality products at a reasonable price the average American family can afford.


In time, the product line began to grow and expand. When you purchase products from our company, you are not only saving money and getting quality products but are also helping to support a small business dedicated to great customer service and proving the simple truth that Simple Does Not Mean Sacrificing Quality!


Another valuable aspect of purchasing products from Simple Creations, beyond saving money and helping small business, is the assurance of excellent customer service! John and Kristie Gentry are dedicated to creating products which everyone can use and enjoy, without having to spend a paycheck on the much-needed products individuals use in his or her daily lives. In the past two years, the list of products we provide has grown exponentially, and we believe that it will continue in a very similar manner.